About Us

WWW.GoTownAround.com, a website owned and operated by Hollow Point Solutions, LLC, was created to serve as a comprehensive website that provides the consumer, with up-to-date information in regards to the businesses and locations that are associated with travel destinations. If you cannot find them on our site, let us know so that we can make sure to obtain their information and invite them to become part of our exciting site!

With your help, our sales and marketing contractors are spanning the globe to provide “to the point” information that we all desire! We have instilled the basic building blocks that many large and long-lasting corporations have utilized and that is, going and hitting the pavement and presenting our company face-to-face. Our goal is to provide a clear, clean and concise website geared towards local residents and travelers.

That’s right! We’re giving our website a face, accountability, and literally bringing it to life! By having our sales and marketing contractors around the globe meet with the principals of every business that is included on our site, we can educate them on how easy it is to keep their information current. Our primary concern is to provide the local resident and traveler with relevant and up-to-date information.

GoTownAround.com has been fun and exciting to create for you, the local resident and traveler! We are here to serve and are always open to listening to your thoughts and comments about our website. We know and believe that “word of mouth” advertising is the best tried and true form of advertising and in an effort to build upon that, we encourage you to please pass on your enjoyment and ease of use experiences with family and friends!

GoTownAround.com is here to serve the local resident and traveler first and foremost and to provide small businesses in our communities without million dollar advertising budgets, a cost-effective and results driven means of advertising their unique products and services with the result being more options for you in the global community. Thank you for your interest and use of our website! Now GO TOWN AROUND!!