FSH TRPN: Charters Aboard The "HAYWIRE"-Capt. Shane Sovan
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City: Englewood
State: FL
Postal Code: 34224
Phone #: 941-474-3439
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“FISH ON”  is what you’ll be screaming in Boca Grande Pass, FL when you “hook-up”  with Captain Shane Sovan aboard the “Haywire,” as a tarpon or “Silver King,” as it is known by talking to fanatics that are addicted to catching tarpon, peels hundreds of feet of line off of your reel!  Capt. Shane is the owner of “Charter Services Aboard The Haywire”  that operates out of Boca Grande, FL and has the pleasure of giving folks the chance at fighting and landing one of the most sought after game fish in the world!  

Capt. Shane, a 2nd Generation Licensed Charter Captain in Florida, fishes Boca Grande Pass, FL, known for having the world’s best tarpon fishery, during tarpon season that typically runs from May until late July.  Capt. Shane only fishes for this incredible game fish using traditional methods, meaning you’ll be using live-bait and making tidal drifts through Boca Grande Pass like the locals have been doing “since Adam was a cowboy!”  As you make your drift through the pass, he will have you make adjustments to your line position in relation to the bottom terrain by referring to the depth of your line by saying phrases like, “green-on-the-tip” or “red-on-the-reel.”  What does all that mean?  A long-time tradition done by live-bait fisherman in Boca Grande Pass, Capt. Shane threads little green and red yarn markers into the Dacron fishing line you’ll be using on your rod and reel set-up placed at pre-determined lengths so that he can keep your bait in the “prime-striking zone” of the tarpon beneath you!

Most, and typically the best live-bait fishing in Boca Grande Pass, is done from dusk to dawn, but depending on the tides, Capt. Shane does take charters out during the daytime to catch tarpon too!  You will be comfortably seated in a fixed-mounted swiveling Pompanette fighting chair, will have a Penn International 20 Series reel strapped to a heavyweight rod to help you in landing your prize, and will enjoy the comfort and beauty of a completely re-furbished 24’ Morgan fishing vessel named “Haywire!”  The “Haywire” can accommodate up-to six individuals per trip, with two fishing at a time, and charters are scheduled in three and five-hour increments.  For rates and to book your once in a life-time tarpon trip in historic Boca Grande Pass, contact Capt. Shane via email or phone with the information provided above!

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